Welcoming Sarah to the team!!


north east recruiters welcome sarah

In 2000, Sarah began her career as an Administrator/Resourcer at Essential Recruitment working for Marian.

She went on to study, graduating in Tourism Development.  Subsequently, she applied this knowledge to forge a successf

ul career in Customer Service; in the hospitality, hotel and leisure industry.  She

has a proven track record in management in this field.
However, Marian is delighted that Sarah’s career journey, literally having travelled thousands of miles, has landed her in the Mackenzie Brown team where she will prove to be an excellent Recruitment professional.  She will bring an unerring enthusiasm and vitality to this role combined with a wealth of experience.

“I am delighted to join the Mackenzie Brown team and looking forward to developing my Recruitment knowledge”

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Thank you!

Mackenzie Brown is proud to be celebrating 8 years at the heart of Recruitment in the North East.  Marian Reed would like to thank Clients and Consultants; the Recruiters who have played an invaluable part in establishing Mackenzie Brown’s enviable Rec2Rec reputation.

Recruiters want tangible business and career options; Mackenzie Brown identifies these opportunities and facilitates contacts between motivated, dynamic Recruitment organisations and Recruitment professionals.

The Recruitment industry is fast paced and ever changing; subject to stresses and economic shifts, yet, it is resilient, and the most successful Recruiters are those who adapt and innovate, so that business can develop.

Mackenzie Brown is delighted to welcome Jayne Coxon to the team. This development signifies Mackenzie Brown’s intention to continue offering a highly professional Rec2Rec service, yet, striving to improve that service, maintaining the deserved position, it occupies in Recruitment in the North East.

So, Happy Birthday Mackenzie Brown Recruitment! If YOU want to make change, talk to the team, Marian, Teresa or Jayne. Have that conversation which could change your career!

Why we are positive (And you should be, too!)

Networking is important! Ensuring that you are known and respected by the business community means that your reputation counts.  Reputation in the Recruitment environment is essential.

The Mackenzie Brown team were pleased to be invited to the Economic Forecast event at the Ramside Hotel on Thursday 10th April.  This was an opportunity to talk with, and hear the experiences of diverse organisations, working hard in their particular ‘market.’ It was an excellent opportunity to information share and ‘fact find’; taking time to exchange expertise, learning something new.

A successful Recruitment professional understands the businesses with whom they are working; tailoring their service delivery to the Client’s needs.  Recruiters understand company ethos and vision, know about trading history, and are clear who competitors are in that sphere.  Listening to and hearing what the Client needs is key to making an effective placement; whether Permanent or Temporary, staffing has to be right to drive business on.

Mackenzie Brown Rec 2 Rec is almost 9 years old in May, and is confident that we have that comprehensive, Recruitment knowledge.  The ‘forecast’ for our business is positive; one of growth and expansion, new members of the team, greater networking opportunities and even stronger partnerships with Clients and Recruitment Consultants.

Our commitment to Recruiters and Clients who work with us remains the same; working in partnership, in the strictest code of confidentiality to enhance careers and maximise business opportunities.

Mackenzie Brown has a deserved, excellent reputation within the Recruitment industry, and we know that in partnership with Recruiters and Clients; this network will go from strength to strength.

Mackenzie Brown Recruitment is confident that 2014 will be a great year

Mackenzie Brown Recruitment is confident that 2014 will be a great year, building on the success, we have enjoyed in 2013.

MBR’s Rec2Rec reputation has grown in the industry, demonstrated in unprecedented expansion within recruitment sectors, providing services to a greater number of clients and extending its remit into other regions; Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Nottingham etc.  This growth is reflected in the numbers of Recruiters who have chosen to register with Mackenzie Brown; more and more recruitment professionals assured we will work assiduously to secure the right career path for them, whether a Consultant or Senior Manager. To make the choice to work with Mackenzie Brown an easy  one, we have worked hard to make contacting us, registering with us, and keeping up to date with available opportunities and vacancies so much more ‘user friendly.’  We’ve launched an updated website, utilise social media and networking to its maximum potential, post on the most current job boards and encourage professional recommendations; through ‘word of mouth’ our good reputation is acknowledged, valued and respected.

We have consolidated our industry presence in the North East; in Newcastle, Sunderland, Teesside, Cleveland and Northumberland. We are sure that Mackenzie Brown is the Rec 2 Rec consultancy that clients and candidates continue to rely on.

Welcome to the ‘new look’ Mackenzie Brown website!

To stay at the forefront of the Recruitment business, recruiters need to stay ‘fresh’, dedicated, and focused.  That is where this Rec2Rec intends to remain in 2014; leading by example, from the front.

So, take a good look at our website, view current career opportunities and vacancies.  Talk to us in confidence about recruitment options open to you.
Watch this space for news, views and opinions relevant to the discerning, motivated Recruiter ready to make a mark in this fast moving environment.
Get yourself noticed, talk to us about your next move by following Mackenzie Brown right here and on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Join our network and stay informed!

Your future career

September 2013 Serious about Recruitment? Want to talk to the most dynamic, successful Recruiters in the industry based, here, in the North East?

Contact Mackenzie Brown and we will work with you; making introductions which will enhance your opportunities and allow employers to see your potential, augmenting their business. Speak to us, in confidence, rely on our expertise and industry knowledge. It’s time to make decisions regarding your career future!

Connect with us!. Mackenzie Brown holds a key position in recruitment in the North. We know what is happening now and have a keen eye on the future. So, when this month is done, how do you want to describe your career path: meek, mild and cute or with MGM like confidence?

The Summer’s Energy

August 2013 

Some of us are old enough to remember when a ‘heatwave’ was simply known as Summer! Hasn’t it been marvelous? For too long, we’d forgotten just how important it is to bask in sunshine, staying right here at home.

Many of us haven’t had to book for the Mediterranean, we’ve been able to stay put, uncover the garden furniture, dig out the barbecue and enjoy the seasonal delights of the North East.

There is a real feeling of optimism in the air, or perhaps we are all benefitting from the much needed ‘shot’ of Vitamin D in the sunshine.

Whatever it is, Mackenzie Brown Rec2Rec hopes that this ‘feel good’ factor continues for you. We know that when you are relaxed and feeling positive about yourself, you will want to talk to us about your career future; opportunities that we have in the North East. You don’t have to travel far to realise your potential. The Recruitment business doesn’t take a ‘vacation’ but when you do we make sure that we track all the changes, talk to those Recruiters wanting the best Consultants, so that you won’t miss the right career move. Mackenzie Brown Rec2Rec isn’t simply a ‘fair weather’ friend. We are committed to working with you, offering a bespoke service seeking out the best career options for you.

So, ‘make hay while the sun shines’ and talk to us today!

When the first ball bounces at Wimbledon


July 2013 As soon as the first ball bounces on a Wimbledon lawn, you know that British summer is well and truly here. The weather is unpredictable, but one thing is certain, you deserve a holiday!

Sun, rain or hail, you need a break from the challenges of recruitment.

Being a successful recruiter demands the highest standards, the greatest effort and total commitment, yet, you also need time to take stock, and relax.

However, the recruitment industry doesn’t take a break; the market shifts and a successful Recruiter needs to be aware of these constant changes to keep ahead of competition. Employers need to be aware of just how valuable you could be to their organisation. Indeed, this is the perfect time of year, to consider your recruitment future.

But, how do you do that? How do you forge that work/life balance when needing to ‘recharge the batteries’ while on vacation? Quite simply, contact Mackenzie Brown Rec2Rec and we can do the work for you, making your post holiday career move a reality.

May is here!


Dare we hope that a glorious Summer is round the corner? We must have faith and apply Recruiter ‘positive thinking’ to the future.

Certainly, the news that the UK economy has narrowly avoided ‘triple dip recession’ should be greeted optimistically; those ‘green shoots’ of recovery are appearing. (Office of National Statistics, April 2013)

Yet, those of us in Recruitment know that we have been one of the industries at the forefront of the efforts to stimulate growth! No-one would argue that it is not tough out there, but the Recruitment business has risen to economic challenge; cross-sectors, from Oil & Gas to Education, Industrial to Finance, they have worked to maintain competitiveness in the market, putting the needs of clients first!

Recruiters have consolidated, re-organised, and maximised their business acumen. More than ever they have demonstrated how they invest in their workforce by attracting the finest Recruitment Consultants driving business models to success. This success is mutually beneficial! Those Recruitment Consultants who evidence the highest abilities receive just reward working in organizations adhering to the highest standards of Recruiter practice.

Take advantage of this moment in time, think, be positive, talk to us at Mackenzie Brown, move your career on!

Make sure you are talking to those Recruiters making their mark in this business and like Summer temperatures let’s keep rising!

Mackenzie Brown celebrates 7 years

Mackenzie Brown R2R celebrated 7 years in business at the heart of the North East on May 3rd.

n that time, we’ve worked tirelessly, to ensure that the name Mackenzie Brown is synonymous with the highest standards in the recruitment industry. Recruiters, clients and candidates, serious about improving business and career opportunities, talk to us!

We are assured in our ability. Our professionalism is paramount; confidentiality, discretion and integrity the key to our success. We have an expansive knowledge and understanding of the industry, as well as the market forces which drive it. Most importantly, we are committed to forging lasting working recruiter partnerships with Mackenzie Brown positioned firmly at the centre!

Mackenzie Brown Director, Marian Reed, has built her Rec2Rec reputation on over 20 years recruitment experience. She is pleased to introduce Teresa Sinclair, Recruitment Consultant, the new member of the team who will play a major role in the future of the organisation; a business ready expand driven by recruiters who are innovative and creative.

So, 7 onwards and upwards, just how much does luck come into the recruitment business? It may have been Mark Twain, or Samuel Goldwyn, Thomas Jefferson or someone wise, who said: “I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”

There is no element of luck involved when you secure the services of Mackenzie Brown; if we brewed lager it would probably be the…you know the rest!