Why we are positive (And you should be, too!)

Networking is important! Ensuring that you are known and respected by the business community means that your reputation counts.  Reputation in the Recruitment environment is essential.

The Mackenzie Brown team were pleased to be invited to the Economic Forecast event at the Ramside Hotel on Thursday 10th April.  This was an opportunity to talk with, and hear the experiences of diverse organisations, working hard in their particular ‘market.’ It was an excellent opportunity to information share and ‘fact find’; taking time to exchange expertise, learning something new.

A successful Recruitment professional understands the businesses with whom they are working; tailoring their service delivery to the Client’s needs.  Recruiters understand company ethos and vision, know about trading history, and are clear who competitors are in that sphere.  Listening to and hearing what the Client needs is key to making an effective placement; whether Permanent or Temporary, staffing has to be right to drive business on.

Mackenzie Brown Rec 2 Rec is almost 9 years old in May, and is confident that we have that comprehensive, Recruitment knowledge.  The ‘forecast’ for our business is positive; one of growth and expansion, new members of the team, greater networking opportunities and even stronger partnerships with Clients and Recruitment Consultants.

Our commitment to Recruiters and Clients who work with us remains the same; working in partnership, in the strictest code of confidentiality to enhance careers and maximise business opportunities.

Mackenzie Brown has a deserved, excellent reputation within the Recruitment industry, and we know that in partnership with Recruiters and Clients; this network will go from strength to strength.