May is here!


Dare we hope that a glorious Summer is round the corner? We must have faith and apply Recruiter ‘positive thinking’ to the future.

Certainly, the news that the UK economy has narrowly avoided ‘triple dip recession’ should be greeted optimistically; those ‘green shoots’ of recovery are appearing. (Office of National Statistics, April 2013)

Yet, those of us in Recruitment know that we have been one of the industries at the forefront of the efforts to stimulate growth! No-one would argue that it is not tough out there, but the Recruitment business has risen to economic challenge; cross-sectors, from Oil & Gas to Education, Industrial to Finance, they have worked to maintain competitiveness in the market, putting the needs of clients first!

Recruiters have consolidated, re-organised, and maximised their business acumen. More than ever they have demonstrated how they invest in their workforce by attracting the finest Recruitment Consultants driving business models to success. This success is mutually beneficial! Those Recruitment Consultants who evidence the highest abilities receive just reward working in organizations adhering to the highest standards of Recruiter practice.

Take advantage of this moment in time, think, be positive, talk to us at Mackenzie Brown, move your career on!

Make sure you are talking to those Recruiters making their mark in this business and like Summer temperatures let’s keep rising!