Thank you!

Mackenzie Brown is proud to be celebrating 8 years at the heart of Recruitment in the North East.  Marian Reed would like to thank Clients and Consultants; the Recruiters who have played an invaluable part in establishing Mackenzie Brown’s enviable Rec2Rec reputation.

Recruiters want tangible business and career options; Mackenzie Brown identifies these opportunities and facilitates contacts between motivated, dynamic Recruitment organisations and Recruitment professionals.

The Recruitment industry is fast paced and ever changing; subject to stresses and economic shifts, yet, it is resilient, and the most successful Recruiters are those who adapt and innovate, so that business can develop.

Mackenzie Brown is delighted to welcome Jayne Coxon to the team. This development signifies Mackenzie Brown’s intention to continue offering a highly professional Rec2Rec service, yet, striving to improve that service, maintaining the deserved position, it occupies in Recruitment in the North East.

So, Happy Birthday Mackenzie Brown Recruitment! If YOU want to make change, talk to the team, Marian, Teresa or Jayne. Have that conversation which could change your career!