The Summer’s Energy

August 2013 

Some of us are old enough to remember when a ‘heatwave’ was simply known as Summer! Hasn’t it been marvelous? For too long, we’d forgotten just how important it is to bask in sunshine, staying right here at home.

Many of us haven’t had to book for the Mediterranean, we’ve been able to stay put, uncover the garden furniture, dig out the barbecue and enjoy the seasonal delights of the North East.

There is a real feeling of optimism in the air, or perhaps we are all benefitting from the much needed ‘shot’ of Vitamin D in the sunshine.

Whatever it is, Mackenzie Brown Rec2Rec hopes that this ‘feel good’ factor continues for you. We know that when you are relaxed and feeling positive about yourself, you will want to talk to us about your career future; opportunities that we have in the North East. You don’t have to travel far to realise your potential. The Recruitment business doesn’t take a ‘vacation’ but when you do we make sure that we track all the changes, talk to those Recruiters wanting the best Consultants, so that you won’t miss the right career move. Mackenzie Brown Rec2Rec isn’t simply a ‘fair weather’ friend. We are committed to working with you, offering a bespoke service seeking out the best career options for you.

So, ‘make hay while the sun shines’ and talk to us today!