When the first ball bounces at Wimbledon


July 2013 As soon as the first ball bounces on a Wimbledon lawn, you know that British summer is well and truly here. The weather is unpredictable, but one thing is certain, you deserve a holiday!

Sun, rain or hail, you need a break from the challenges of recruitment.

Being a successful recruiter demands the highest standards, the greatest effort and total commitment, yet, you also need time to take stock, and relax.

However, the recruitment industry doesn’t take a break; the market shifts and a successful Recruiter needs to be aware of these constant changes to keep ahead of competition. Employers need to be aware of just how valuable you could be to their organisation. Indeed, this is the perfect time of year, to consider your recruitment future.

But, how do you do that? How do you forge that work/life balance when needing to ‘recharge the batteries’ while on vacation? Quite simply, contact Mackenzie Brown Rec2Rec and we can do the work for you, making your post holiday career move a reality.